Ehe das Sandmännchen kommt


listen to "Aus ihren Haaren fielen Sterne herab"

This is my first try in ambient music. Or let's call it experimental ambient music. I worked on the tracks since spring 2008. While some other projects kept me busy the last few months, especially the CD "no more monkeys", "Ehe das Sandmännchen kommt" had been in a nearly finished state for a long time but not ready to be released. Some of the ideas and tunes are way older but I couldn't find the time to breath life into them. But now it's done, and I think it's worth the wait. I've spend a lot of time in creating this special atmosphere. Some tunes had been reworked many times. There are fieldrecordings at the bottom of every track. I tried to bring the music and the fieldrecordings together, as if they always belonged together.

The CD is the soundtrack to my dreams. Windspiel is kept in a rather simple way. It's the gate you have to pass to get into a world of sound. Your stairway to heaven lies on the wispering wind. Ich habe Stimmen gehört is like falling asleep near a beach. In the distance you can hear kids playing in the waves of the sea. The music follows the waves in their ups and downs while the voices get softer as the track continues. In einer Kammer deines Herzens is one of the more experimental tracks on the CD. It's the only song that has a rhythm. It's the rhythm of the heart. Ich träumte schwarzes Wasser creates a dark atmosphere. It's the soundtrack to a repeating dream of me. Since I am a child I dream about dark and deep water. Aus ihren Haaren fielen Sterne herab is a very relaxing track. It gets you in a dreamy and calm state of mind. You can hear birds singing. Once I dreamed I followed a woman completely dressed in a glooming white veil. And as I followed her along a path through sunny woods, stars fell down from her hair. I bent down to collect them. The following track Bergwerk der dunklen Träume is about the darker dreams, the deamons and awful creatures locked inside your soul. Sometimes, when you are digging deep, you stumble across those creatures. The last track Rosannas Wolken, takes you right up to the clouds. You can hear the voice of a little girl from Belgium. The piano samples spread all over the track come and go like the sunlight breaking through the clouds from time to time.

I've tried to draw a door to a dreamy world of fairy and myth. A door to the place where all my dreams live. Now it's your turn to open it.

Wenn es zu Ende geht, das Lied,
dann wird mit mir geschehen,
was mit allen anderen Wesen geschieht,
wenn ihre Körper vergehen.
So ist der Lauf der Dinge:
Ich lebe solange ich klinge,
doch nicht lange mehr werd' ich bestehen.
Bald verweht mich der Wind.
Ich bin nur ein Lied der Klage.
Doch höre, die Zeit verinnt,
darum frage! Frage!
Was willst du, dass ich dir sage?

Uyulála, die Stimme der Stille
Michael Ende: Die unendliche Geschichte