The fire within


listen to "a flower for the one you hate"

All started with the cover-picture shot by Bas Weijers. Everytime I looked at it, it felt like meditating. It inspired me and so I wanted to write some tunes to fit my experience, but I 've never planned to release it. And as time goes by, the small tunes grew into a whole world of sound. I tried to get the sounds as close to the atmosphere of this image as possible. And the result is music, best described as the sound of an image I like.

Every track is just one chord. But with effects and filters it evolves into a stream of changing, timeless sound. On the bottom of eyery track is a rhythm pattern at 120 bpm.

Süsse Ruh', süsser Taumel im Gras,
Von des Krautes Arome umhaucht;
Teife Flut, tief tief trunkene Flut,
Wenn die Wolk' am Azure verraucht,
Wenn aufs müde, schwimmende Haupt
Süsses Lachen gaukelt herab,
Liebe Stimme säuselt und träuft
Wie die Lindenblüt' auf ein Grab.

Annette von Droste-Hülshoff