21st March 2011: Crime Scene now available for download

For mir information go to bandcamp.com

16th March 2011: Room with window released

Yeah it's been a long time since my last release. The release was announced to be in summer 2010. But this new project needed the time to become the step forward I wanted it to be. Although it seemed finished last year, I trashed all the tracks and redone them again with my new vision in mind. This has always been the hardest challenge, to breathe life into my ideas and get them out of my mind.

All the sounds you hear on this album are made out of samples from a live show I did some time ago. Playing guitar and singing. They are heavely transformed of course to make them sound electronical. If you listen closely you can hear the acoustic guitar shine through from time to time and you might even understand a few words.

You can listen to and download the whole record on bandcamp.

I have deleted my myspace account while I moved over to bandcamp.com. This service is much more professionell and gives me more opportunities and most important you are now able to listen to the whole records and it is easy to download it. Ok, you have to pay a small amount of money if you want to download them, but I guess this is just fair for all the passion and amount of time I put into these records. And think about all the expensive shit releases from all the major labels, you have now the chance to support an indy artist and be part of a revolution. Fuck the music industry! ;) Check it out, it's great.

25th June 2010: New CD coming soon